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New England QSO Party

The New England QSO Party has been running since 2002. I haven’t missed one yet. With my 20th log in, it's time to review.

Eight times I've taken 1st Place Maine Single Operator QRP. In 7 other years, I managed just 1st York County (usually the only QRPer in York County). For four parties I was a pooper, making too few contacts to qualify for a certificate. My average score over the years was 3,647 with about 60 QSOs.

I was 2nd QRP New England in 2012, 3rd in 2016, and 5th in both 2002 and 2020. But none of those years were my top score. That was 2010, when I hit 11,120.

A New Year's Radio Resolution challenged me to set a personal best for this contest in 2021. The weekend arrived before I got to do any antenna upgrades or additions. Conditions on Friday didn't seem too hot. With a lot to do IRL I was tempted to sneak out of my commitment, but by the time I put in a couple of hours on Saturday I was confident I could reach my goal.

I ended claiming 198 contacts (3 of them my first SSB QSOs in 20 years of NEQP) and 48 multipliers. Results next April, if the pattern holds.

Year QSOs SPC Score
2002 58 24 2784 5th New England, 1st Maine Single Op QRP
2003 43 21 1806 1st Maine Single Op QRP
2004 13 6 156 1st Maine Single Op QRP
2005 32 14 896 2nd Maine, 1st York County Single Op QRP
2006 37 17 1332 4th Maine, 1st York County Single Op QRP
2007 2 2 8 last New England, 1st York County Single Op QRP
2008 56 25 2800 1st York County Single Op QRP
2009 63 23 2898 1st York County Single Op QRP
2010 139 40 11,120 2nd Maine, 1st York County Single Op QRP
2011 6 4 48
2012 129 37 9546 2nd New England, 1st Maine Single Op QRP
2013 51 20 2040 2nd Maine, 1st York County Single Op QRP
2014 73 28 4088 3rd Maine, 1st York County Single Op QRP
2015 6 6 72 Last QRP, Last Maine
2016 57 23 2622 3rd New England, 1st Maine Single Op QRP
2017 3 3 18 2nd to last, New England
2018 44 20 1760 1st Maine Single Op QRP (29/19/986?)

728 1st Maine Single Op QRP (23/12/552?)
2020 114 41 9348 5th New England, 1st Maine Single Op QRP
2021 198 48 18,864 claimed score


My 2010 and 2020 scores were both the median scores among the 11 QRP entries from New England.

Original page: June 10, 2006
Last check: May 3, 2021


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