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New England QSO Party

The New England QSO Party has been running since 2002. I haven’t missed one yet. With my 20th log in, it's time to review. Eight times I've taken 1st Place Maine Single Operator QRP. In 7 other years, I managed just 1st York County (usually the only QRPer in York County). For four parties I was a pooper, making too few contacts to qualify for a certificate. My average score over the years was 3,647 with about 60 QSOs. I was 2nd QRP New England in 2012, 3rd in 2016, and 5th in both 2002 and 2020. But none of those years were my top score. That was 2010, when I hit 11,120. A New Year's Radio Resolution challenged me to set a personal best for this contest in 2021. The weekend arrived before I got to do any antenna upgrades or additions. Conditions on Friday didn't seem too hot. With a lot to do IRL I was tempted to sneak out of my commitment, but by the time I put in a couple of hours on Saturday I was confident I could reach my goal. I ended claiming 198 contacts (3 o