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New England QSO Party

The New England QSO Party has been running since 2002. I haven’t missed one yet. Nine times I've taken 1st Place Maine Single Operator QRP. In 7 other years, I managed just 1st York County (usually the only QRPer in York County). For four parties I was a pooper, making too few contacts to qualify for a certificate.  I finished 2nd QRP New England in 2012 and 2021, 3rd in 2016, and 5th in both 2002 and 2020.  My top scores have been 18,283 in 2021 and 11,120 in 2010, and my average score through 20 competitions is 3,618. 2021 A New Year's Radio Resolution challenged me to set a personal best for this contest in 2021. The weekend arrived before I got to do any antenna upgrades or additions and conditions on Friday didn't seem too hot. With a lot to do IRL I was tempted to sneak out of my commitment, but by the time I put in a couple of hours on Saturday I was confident I could reach my goal. I ended up claiming 198 contacts (3 of them my first SSB QSOs in 20 years of NEQP)