Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Tea Record

My first cup of tea came at the end of a night's work when, vague memory tells me, the cool New England air, the convenience of Dunkin Donuts, and an experimental mood led me to order a cup. I imagined it would be unpleasant, so I assented to sugar. The girl scrunched up her eyebrow when I asked for three. That hot syrup hit close enough to the mark that I brought the drink, with rapidly lessened sweetening, into my beverage routine.

At the supermarket, I managed to skip past Lipton, Tetley, Nestea, and Red Rose, instead going for Bigelow then Twinings on a friend's recommendation. Not long after, out west, I found Stash at the grocery store and discovered Market Spice's loose-leaf array. From this point, I sought tea shops for stocking up and had pretty good luck overall, but a move back east into a semirural area meant mail order would become the new order.

SpecialTeas' style, selection, and price made me a regular. I supplemented my SpecialTeas favorites, for a couple of years, with selections from Portsmouth Tea Company scooped straight from the warehouse barrel. Then that shop made a couple of missteps (leading to its demise) and SpecialTeas got absorbed by Teavana (a company for which I had already gained an aversion), so I was forced to seek out a new online source. I landed at Upton Tea Imports and have stuck there since. Gifts and random finds keep variety on the shelf.

Upton says I've ordered these. I use ***** for the best. Four stars is threshold for "would order again."

DJ70: Tindharia Estate 2nd Flush Darjeeling GFTGFOP1 (November 2016)
NT06: St. Isaac's Blend (August 2020) **** Earl Grey disguised
NT77: Thé Mélange Russe (August 2020) **** Suits any mood
TA04: Season's Pick Assam FTGFOP Organic (July 2011)
TA07: Season's Pick Assam GFOP Organic (December 2015 ++) ****
TA20: Tippy Orthodox FBOP Assam (November 2016 +++) **** Good for breakfast
TA28: Mangalam Estate Assam FTGFOP (September 2017)
TA40: Tippy Orthodox GFOP Assam (April 2017 ++) **** Anytime no nonsense
TB02: Leadenhall Street Blend (June 2016 ++) **** Full and earthy (*** 05/19)
TB05: Mincing Lane Breakfast Blend *** Assam and Yunnan
TB10: Bond Street English Breakfast Blend
TB12: CTC Irish Breakfast Blend (April 2017) **** Sure, why not?
TB14: Scottish Breakfast Blend (+++) **** Malty a.m. kick
TB20: River Shannon Breakfast Blend (+++) **** Reliable day-starter
TB51: East Frisian BOP
TB52: East Frisian TGFOP (November 2016) *** Adequate, not exemplary
TB75: Baker Street Afternoon Blend (annual) ***** Smoky but balanced
TB84: Robert Fortune Blend 41 (January 2020) ****
TB86: Richmond Park Blend (September 2019)
TB89: South Street Breakfast Blend (September 2019) ***
TC57: Somerset Estate BOP (April 2020) TBD
TE01: Season's Pick Earl Grey Crème Vanilla (May 2015) *** Vanilla overpowers bergamot
TE10: Original Earl Grey (September 2019) ****
TE11: Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey ** Too much extra
TE19: Devonshire Earl Grey (June 2016) **** Straightforward
TE57: New England Harvest Blend ***
TI69: Jolotigo Estate Java Orthodox BT (December 2015) *** Meh bonus sample
TM72: Donyi Polo Arunachal Pradesh (April 2019 bonus) **** Tipply mouth mystery
TV11: Vietnam Eastern Beauty Oolong (January 2020) TBD bonus sample
ZGP6: Silver Sprout Green (2018 bonus)
ZG18: China Chun Mee Moon Palace Organic (August 2020)
ZK11: China Keemun First Grade (April 2019 ++) **** Assured every day
ZK21: Premium Keemun FOP
ZK97: Keemun Mao Feng (September 2017) ***** Undertones and overtones
ZK98: China Keemun Mao Feng
ZP22: Panyang Congou Select
ZP76: China Panyang Congou (June 2016) ****
ZP78: China Congou Wu-Yi Golden Monkey *****
ZY24: Yunnan Black Mao Feng (April 2017)

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Sea Dogs fall to Fightin Phils, May 23, 2015

It's just about season-over for the Portland Sea Dogs. It's also clear-off-the-desk time here, which means the scorecard and program are headed to the recycle bin. Before that happens, I'll take a moment to record what we saw in the one game we attended.

The Sea Dogs lost to the Reading Fightin Phils in a 7-inning game, the first of a rain-forced double header on May 23. The early end confused me; I still don't know why the game was shortened. After all, the ticket claims a Sea Dog game is "your nine inning vacation."

The Phils' lineup was Roman Quinn, KC Serna, Aaron Altherr, Brock Stassi, Art Charles, Brodie Greene, Brian Pointer, Gabriel Lino, and Gustavo Pierre, with Tom Windle getting the start and Tyler Knigge the save. Lino and Serna had the best at bats and Windle got the win.

On the Dogs' side were Blake Tekotte, Carlos Asuaje, Jantzen Witte, Oscar Tejada, Keury de la Cruz, Luis Martinez, David Chester, and Jonathan Roof. Justin Haley was on the mound for 5-2/3 innings and Pat Light finished the game. Tejeda and De La Cruz reached base more than any teammates, but nobody really got the crowd going.

A & I liked the seats in section 201, row C.