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SoftRock Lite: Contrasts in Radio

Ordered an 80m SoftRock Lite from Tony KB9YIG last night after discovering the $10 kit. SMT etc. Sheesh. Do we have a soundcard that can sample at 48 kHz? Update: Yes. Onboard the Asus M2NPV is SoundMAX. Their FAQ #4 says "up to 48kHz sampling rate." The contrast? Googling softrock lite brings up radio alright, but instead of SWLing on the low end of 80 meters it's sap between 92 and 107 MHz. Yuck.

Tracking Shows

Music Seen and Heard February 24, 2017: Hunter and the Gatherers (Hunter Burgamy, Benjamin Cousins, Colescott Rubin, Volt Jingit, Kan Yanabe, Malwina Masternak), Boston September 2016: Cory Husic, Seagrass, Laurel Martin and Jim Prendergast February 29, 2016: Christian McBride Trio (Christian Sands, Jerome Jennings), Durham December 10, 2015: Mosaic, North Berwick September 2015: Joyce Andersen and Harvey Reid, The Gather Rounders, Susie Burke and Melissa Bragdon, Highland Soles, Wells September 2014: BYOC, The Gather Rounders, Shana Aisenberg and Friends, Mari Black and Neil Pearlman, Wells September 2013: Matt Loosigian; Ellen Carlson and Todd Thurlow; Ryan McKasson, Neil Pearlman, and Emerald Rae, Wells September 22, 2012: John Terczyak, Sammie Haynes, Deep Hole Road, Salt River, Wells September 9, 2012: Gary Wittner, Wells September 2011: Laura Cortese Trio, Gordon Bok, Ellie and Andy Buckland, Wells December 2011: Childsplay, Lexington September 25, 201