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Mother's Day Flood of 2006

The week of rain, according to the electronic rain gauge in our yard, went like this: May 10-11 = 1 inch May 12 = 0.5 inch May 13 = 4.7 inches May 14 = 2.5 inches May 15 = 2.1 inches May 16 = 0.8 inches Not quite a foot, but the monthly total is close to 14 inches and we have more on the way. Home impacts have been minimal. Work has been disrupted for both of us, but is approaching normalcy. C&A walked to the (closed) bridge on Monday to see the Salmon Falls River way higher than we've seen it.

Bird Migration Under Way in Earnest

What a difference a day makes. Wood Thrush, Nashville Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and Ovenbird were great to hear this morning in Berwick. My five stolen minutes were just enough to whet my appetite for more. Looking skyward, I saw many birds moving, not as high as I usually see migrants, but when a heron flew over low and against the grain I knew I was seeing today's bonus bird. It wasn't a great blue. It was a smaller one. I'm inclined to think it was a bittern, but it could have been a large green. How often is either one of those a flyover? In my experience, almost never. Just a reminder to review the books before the mystery bird appears. No matter what, it's hard to be prepared for every interesting thing migration might throw at you. More advice: Never set your binoculars aside just moments before a mystery bird is going to wing past.