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XW-1 Output Power

Pretty sure it was 120 at 0135, but got caught by a fade. Wrote TUT. Probably AUT.

It's Not About the Tea

Bag Ladies Tea claims to be a specialty tea company, but their tea is not special. It's the packaging that counts. Their 17 offerings appear to differ only in the design of the box or tin they come in and the tags attached to their tea bag strings. "English breakfast" is as far as the website goes to describe the tea itself, which at $12.50 for 24 bags ought to be a premium selection. If you're looking for a cute gift go ahead and order a box, but if you're looking for tea keep searching.

Name That Poet

His "How I became a poet" was the first catch. Whose definition, why someone writes? It's a wound that needs healing. Let a poem be itself. Ya gotta be smart enough to ask what it wants to do. (What is this about instructive direction?) Poems don't care. They have a loving nature. "You never get it right on the first draft." Size 14 shoes as a boy. Today he wears comfortably broken walking shoes. Then New Hampshire, now Maine. "Rains then quick thaws that so transform the world." He read The Abandonment and I thought of Stafford reading I Had a Brother. Giving form to the darkness. Who said "God damns every time he is asked"? It. On Water. And a pantoum. Name that poet.