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Mission Not Accomplished

The unspoken resolution for 2007: Complete the varied radio projects without taking on new ones. Here's the list from a year ago... Fix K1 tuning - Done. Had miswired pot. Repair WBR Receiver - Done. Room for improvement. Modify HTX-100 as IF - Mostly done. Unfortunate shift in project focus. Complete ARDF receiver. Not done. Stealing parts. Build NEScaf. Done. Not fully tested. Complete SoftRock receiver - Done. Fun. Put 80m Warbler on the air - Not done. Put it in a good case, though. Reuse K1 CPU and LCD. Not done. Begun in earnest on December 31. Finish solar charge controller. Not done. say nothing of antennas. Didn't stay true to no new projects... The Maine Bug was my chief interloper. But it was quick and rewarding.

Selecting tunes by habitat

Just rediscovered some notes taken after searching the Tunes section of . Here are some tune-name tallies by habitat type: Fields = 11 Woods = 7 Woodland = 1 Forest = 1 Marsh = 3 Ocean = 5 Sea = 65, but this includes Sean and Seamus hits Waves = 9 Meadow = 15 Shore = 13 Lake = 8 Loch = 10 River = 5 Stream = 4 Brook = 6 Creek = 1

Keemun Hao Ya A

This China black was brought back from Post Street, Seattle, by C, who was out there sans family for a long weekend. Just ruined my final cup of it by steeping with a tea ball last used for an orange-spice black. Prior to this fiasco, it was a very fine choice.

Maine Bugs Cover?

Stick the kit in it? Postscript: While we're at it, how about Gummi Lightning Bugs as a stocking stuffer? Oh, but this Plush Wild Clingers Lightning Bug is the most realistic I've seen yet. Postscript December 23 By way of explanation... At this year's Lobstercon , W1REX distributed the Maine Bugs kit , a nifty programmable device designed to mimic crickets and lightning bugs. Cricket chirps indicate an accurate temperature reading and the firefly flashes the callsign of the builder. Mine was built, programmed, and modified this summer, but I wanted to find a clever way to package it. I hunted for an oversized tin insect to no avail. I followed other paths without luck. One day last week, I moved something on the workbench and the kit hit the floor. "Alright," I grumbled, "time to button up this project." One last flurry of searches resulted in the cute toys mentioned above, but none looked like a solution. So I pulled out a Hershey'

...and one for luck

This box at Atlas Quest has a hint. Try not to read this: Date: Dec 6, 2007 8:49 PM I would be very pleased for you to find this box. I went to the library first, but decided I wanted a truly out of sight spot. I chose another location I could walk to. Easily. On the morning of the planting, I was surprised to encounter a man flying an airplane. We didn't speak. You know baseball. You are perhaps missing your key clue, which hinges on a detail of that sport. I was worried that my opening lines were too cryptic. See if you still think so after you've logged in.