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Red Claws versus Swarm, January 28, 2017

Maine climbed to 19-11 with an easy 111-98 victory over Greensboro (9-20) in this Saturday night game with few dramatic moments. Marcus Georges-Hunt (27 points) and Ryan Kelly (22 points) led the Claws, with the latter delivering on a late-game alley-oop that brought the evening's loudest cheer. We had a chance to see Celtics rookie Demetrius Jackson (14 points), who has bounced between Boston and Portland all season and looked a little disoriented. Greensboro nipped Maine on Friday night, but was never close in this one. Aaron Harrison (22 points) and Mike Tobey (10 points) were scoring leaders and Xavier Munford showed above-average spark. Overall, it looked like the team needed a charge but never amped up.

The Peregrine and the Waning Gibbous

I kept my #ebird365 streak alive on Sunday morning by committing an hour to window watching. I gave most of my attention to the windows facing the feeders, alternating between the kitchen and the dining room to get good angles at all six feeders. As usual, the birds came in waves. Cardinals peaked at six, house sparrows at eight. Juncos, trees, white-throats, and chickadees were in and out in low numbers. Finches took stations when they saw openings, then stayed put. Jays roved at will, usually causing a stir wherever they went. A composed dove sat still, blending right into the dried grass where snow had receded. On occasion, I went to the far end of the house, where a second-floor glass slider opens to a view of a broad back yard. My scans for movement in the bare branches of our looming maple revealed a downy, but not much more. By opening the door and poking my head into the cold, birding by ear, I added more jays, cardinals, and a crow. On my last foray to the loft, I stepped