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K Records Friends & Neighbors Report

A K warehouse-clearing deal put a big stack of CDs in the mailbox for less than the cost of one at retail. The friendly mail order department "miscounted," so I had 14 new discs to spin. First time through, I picked blind. Second time through, I better knew what was coming, but still had things to learn and opinions to form. As a result, I've made a keep-or-pass list that looks like this (rated against each other, not all of musicdom): Sylvain Sylvain & The Criminal$: Bowery Butterflies (2000) Munster vogue ***** Not-too-raucous rock'n'roll straddling the boppin' '50s and punk '80s. Various Artists: Shipwreck Day (2002) Knw*Yr*Own web ***** That original What-the-Heck-Fest musta been some kind of fun. the Weeds: The Faraway Flying of Broken Beating (2004) independent? web (arc divers) **** Emily Ana Zeitlyn leads. Some genre hopping. Most works. Landing: Oceanless (2001) Strange Attractors Audio House web **** Dark sonic ecosystem wi