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Axim X30 back in service

Six months ago I missed the wind forecast and ended up atop Mount A in terrible hawk-watching conditions. I found a picnic table, did some editing, and went to check some detail on the Axim. It behaved poorly. And it kept on troubling me long after I brought it home. A little web research and I determined my digitizer was toast. After several false starts and an international shipping fiasco, I finally took delivery of a replacement digitizer last week. Today, over the course of a couple of hours, I managed a successful surgery and xot_axim is back to its old self with a new front end. Thanks for background, ideas, and guidance from... Aximsite Axim Users PdaParts EDIT 20080507: This recipient is currently unable to receive money. Hard to repay my touchscreen source with this kind of message coming out of PayPal.

A Tree Story

Beckett Limited Kudos to for keeping this page available. Tree-mendous By Christine Gillette, A local entrepreneur is marketing a new gift item with an Arbor Day twist. It's the first product by Beckett Limited Editions of Portsmouth, which was launched this year by Brent Beckett, who gave up the corporate world to combine his love of nature with a sound business idea.

ISS info

Tnx to N5VHO on amsat-bb for a ready reference... ISS packet is currently active on 145.825 simplex. You can check to see if packet is active by looking at the reports on any of the following websites: If packet is off, your chances are low (but you never know) of hearing voice on 145.80 unless it is a scheduled school contact during your pass.