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FCC input: Futile effort?

FCC comment submission form . Use it before October 31 on 05-235. Thanks ARRL for heads up. [Edit] My minutes-before-deadline, groggy-headed comment (no. 20051031740215). Keep the code. Licensed radio amateurs at every level should know Morse code, allowing them to operate the simplest kind of radio equipment, which is for continuous wave communication. Solid capabilities at a basic level should be a fundamental expectation for every licensed radio amateur.

Oh, no! Web 2.0

Always wanting to be at least semi-aware of what's coming down the pike in technology, I was drawn to TechSoup 's " event " this week (a hosted forum discussion with special guests) promising to "demystify Web 2.0 technologies and illustrate how using new socially oriented technological innovations can help the nonprofit community." First off, I'm so semi-unaware lately that I thought they were going to be addressing Internet 2. Just as well I was wrong. To wiki or not to wiki? To start syndication really simply? To tag, make social bookmarks, et cetera... these are the questions. Nothing "new," really. Just the current wave of actualized concepts being ridden by the tech-savvy (and some not-so-savvy) into the inevitable evolution of the web. So I got thinking about my own foundering blog, static websites, aborted forays into 2.0 technologies. It's easy to get excited about the potential of these new technologies, but it's another t

Adventure Gamers : Alex Louie

We got Bad Mojo when it came out. Late 90s were our computer gaming years. Matt introduced us to Myst and off we went... Zork Nemesis, Qin, You Don't Know Jack, Toonstruck, Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, and a few others that never gained our full attention.  These days, looking for exceptional games for Pocket PC, Bad Mojo popped out as a benchmark. Wacky and clever, reasonably puzzling, well rendered -- something like that would be a welcome amusement. I'm still looking for the ideal Axim game, but I enjoyed this Alex Louie interview from Adventure Gamers and hope the redux is doing well.  Edit: Toonstruck purchase was June 1998.