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SOTA: Gulf Road HP, December 14, 2021

I was a SOTA neophyte when I discovered this summit not far from home. It took a fair bit of head scratching to work out what HP meant: High Point. At 340 m (1115 ft), it's not all that high a point, but a summit is a summit and this one has become a favorite. The Town of Shapleigh has managed 300 acres here as the "Williams Property" ( brochure PDF ) since it was donated to the townspeople in November 2011. There's a nice description of "Williams Town Park" on Maine By Foot .  Despite its ease of access and proximity to population centers, the summit has only been activated 10 times through 2021 . It was the first summit I activated specifically for SOTA, when I took a long lunch for a warmish January trudge over snow to the quiet peak. That inaugural activation began with a summit-to-summit contact via satellite with KE9AJ, an auspicious start. I managed 4 more satellite QSOs that day, plus I made eight contacts on 30 meters for an acceptable first effort