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Spaceflight Participant W5KWQ

[acidfree:271]The AMSAT SSTV gallery holds images sent by Richard Garriott from the International Space Station and copied by earthbound hams. My receptions were few and not especially impressive . I failed to make a voice contact in perhaps 45 minutes of calling with QRP and a 3-element beam.

Collecting ideas

Based on selections heard, or simply rumor, these are artists or collections I would like to get to know -- or know better -- in no particular order. A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory Various Artists - Classic Appalachian Blues Dizzy Gillespie - on Verve Miike Snow - Downtown Various Artists - What is Hip? Remix Volume 1 Tnx X **** Voltaire Brothers - I Sing the Booty Electric Choral - Mountains Tnx MT **** The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Fruit Tnx MT Various Artists - War Child Heroes Rokia Traore, Tchamantche Ntjrosie, Atouba Jeremy J? On K? Ran Dass? Trentemoller - The Last Resort Murcof - Cosmos Tnx X North Sea Radio Orchestra (see below) Various Artists - A Treasury of Tall Tales ( here ) Fridge - Happiness Anjulie - Ep Tnx X ** Martin Simpson & Wu Man - Music for the Motherless Child Tony Bennett - Crazy Rhythm Pine Top's Boogie Woogie The Sound of Jazz: Complete Edition (2005) (DVD) Charlie Haden - Rambling Boy Tnx X *** Mike Auldridge


Wouldn't it be great to be able to support the Summit County Democratic Party next Friday? Just not possible, I'm afraid.

Presidential candidates waste my time

I have watched Obama and McCain repeat themselves ad nauseum . They stay on message, churning out the same arguments, phrases, and misrepresentations of each other, regardless of the questions posed. One more chance next Wednesday to talk to those of us who have registered the message and want more depth, substance, and inspiration.

Jax, A-

A- assists as Jackson recites the Pledge, which he has copyrighted... Pledge to the Planet I pledge allegiance to the web of life of which we're each a strand and to our planet earth on which we stand one ecosystem under the sun interdependent with diversity and respect for all.