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radio amateur N1AIA

On HF, I operate CW almost exclusively, emphasizing DX and contests. My station consists of an Elecraft K1 (s/n 00139) for 40, 30, 20, and 15 meters, a Yaesu FT-817ND, and a Small Wonder Labs SW-80+. Mostly, I play with simple wire antennas. The satellite station is a Kenwood TH-F6A and the '817 with an Arrow antenna on a Bogen tripod.

In addition to the K1 and SW-80+, I've built N1BYT's Wheatstone bridge regenerative receiver, KD1JV's DC40 transceiver, WB6BYU's 80-meter direction-finding receiver, NEQRP's switched capacitive audio filter, a SoftRock Lite 6.2 (80m), and other small projects.

QSL Information

Scott Richardson, 29 Knox Lane, Berwick ME 03901, USA

DX Operations

WA1YXL/VO2: Labrador City, Canada. CQ Zone 2. May 1986.
KH4/N7TNL: Sand Island, Midway Atoll. December 1991 to April 1992, October 1993 to January 1994, November 1996, and June 1997.

Licensing History

SWL in 1972. Learned Morse Code from W1QHG (my Quite Happy Grandfather). First callsign WN1RSY issued March 2, 1973, as a 2-year non-renewable novice class. WN1RSY expired. Obtained second novice license, WN1YXL, in July 1975 under new rules. Operated as AK1YXL and AA1YXL during 1976 bicentennial celebration, then as WA1YXL. Passed general class exam in the FCC offices at the Custom House in Boston in January 1980. Moved to Washington State in 1986. Briefly held N1JGZ in 1991, then obtained 7-area callsign, N7TNL. Returned to New England in 1999. Requested W1QHG in 2000 to honor my grandfather. In early 2004, requested N1AIA as a snappy CW callsign that better reflects my licensing era. The N1A## block was first issued in 1978, as near as I can tell. (N1ZZZ was issued Dec 29, 1997 [tnx, Jeremy].)

Operating Awards

  • VUCC Satellite # 269 endorsed for 200 grids
  • DXCC # 24,756 endorsed for 150 entities
  • WAS # 34,079 (CW)
  • ARRL Centennial W1AW WAS (QRP)
  • WAC
  • RCC


I enjoy contesting, but have never built a competitive station. By entering in rare classes, I have managed to earn a number of 1st place finishes, which are listed here. Presented separately are my scores for the New England QSO Party.

2019Virginia QSO PartyQRPME
2018Minnesota QSO PartySingle Op QRP ME
2018Virginia QSO PartyME
2017ARRL June VHF ContestSingle Op, 3-BandME
2016CQ World Wide VHF ContestQRP1st District, 8th US
2016ARRL International DX ContestCWQRPME
2015ARRL International DX ContestCWQRPME
2014ARRL International DX ContestSSBSingle Op 10 MeterME
2012Illinois QSO PartyME
2012Missouri QSO PartyME
2011Georgia QSO PartyCWME
2010ARRL International DX ContestSSBSingle Op 10 Meter
9th US/Canada
2010ARRL International DX ContestCWQRPME
2010Minnesota QSO PartySingle Op QRP
7th overall
2009ARRL International DX ContestCWQRPME
2009Minnesota QSO PartySingle Op QRP
6th overall
2008ARRL November SweepstakesCWQRPME
2008ARRL International DX ContestCWQRPME
2007ARRL 10 Meter ContestMxdLowME
2003QRP-ARCI Spring QSO PartyME
2002WWDXC Salmon RunME
2001WWDXC Salmon RunME
2001ARRL SweepstakesCWQRPME
1993CQ Worldwide ContestCWLowKH4
199359 Japan International DX ContestKH4
1986CQ WW WPX ContestCWSingle Op - All BandVO2
1985ARRL 10-Meter ContestCWSingle OpME
1985CQ WW VHF WPX ContestCWSingle Op, Single Band, QRPME
1985IARU RadiosportCWME
198373 Forty Meter World ChampionshipSSBSingle OpME


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