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Kitchen Output

3 dozen chocolate chip cookies 1 loaf cranberry orange nut bread pie crust slabs 10 octopus cookies 1 pumpkin pie 1 boiled cider pie 22 long pie pumpkin seeds 2 loads dishes. Well, sort of 2-1/2 2 ham sandwiches and 1 egg salad (also managed to solder a feedline to the 8-element 70 cm yagi)

1AQD / NU1AQD / W1AQD QSL Collection

My great uncle Louis C. Brown, "Brownie" in Maine, was active in amateur radio between 1927 and 1936. I have 250+ of his QSLs from United States stations and additional cards from DX hams. I will gladly provide digital images of individual QSLs for relatives or others who wish to have them for their research or records. Calls are listed by call area then suffix W1ABG (2), W1ACR, NU1AHY, W1AIC, W1ALO (3), W1AMG, W1AMQ, 1AOF, W1AOT, W1APR, 1AQL, W1AQW, W1ART, W1ARW, 1AUR, W1AUR, 1AVJ, NU1BBM, W1BEF, W1BEO, W1BEU, W1BFT, W1BFZ, W1BIG, W1BIR, NU1BJC, W1BNG, 1BNL, W1BOK, W1CE, W1CIB, W1CPF, W1CQL, W1CQR, W1CTF, W1IVZ, W1KL, W1LQ, W1NS, W1QH (2), W1UR, 1VE, W1VM, W1VS, W1WV, NQ2AC, W2ACD, U2AET, W2AGI, W2AHU, W2AVO, 2AVP, W2BAK, W2BDX, NU2BHB, W2BVT, W2BXA, 2PO, NU2RK, 2WI, W3ADX, NU3AEL, NU3AEL, W3AER, W3AIA, W3AWS, 3ARC, NU3ASC, NU3BNS, W3EZR, NU3QE, NU3TR, 3AWQ, NU4ACC, NU4ADL, W4AFM, NU4AFP, 4AGE, W4AII, W4AJL, NU4CS, W4CWH, 4DS, W4HC, 4HH, W4KA, W4LY, W4MF, W4NE, W4TN, W4

one laptop per child

We have joined the movement. Something potentially so significant was too appealing to let pass. We'll see how it goes. While OLPC has a presence throughout the world, with official partnerships and various pilot programs, this exclusive North American Give One Get One program will specifically benefit Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti and Rwanda. We are currently in discussions with other interested countries and may be adding more...

Leap in the Yard Year List

[acidfree:168 align=right] Twenty-seven Canada Geese flying south-southwest, high up, with only an occasional honk. High, too, but soaring: Red-tailed Hawk. And a redpoll at the feeder. Three firsts for the 2007 yard list in the course of two hours. Brings it to 88 .

Common Redpoll

A Common Redpoll was on the feeder around 10 am on Nov 10. Ate for a few minutes. Not seen again. Hours earlier I had walked outside and seen a bird on the same perch. I was surprised it did not fly. I made it out to be a goldfinch at the time. Maybe it was. Or maybe it was this bird. Previous redpoll sightings in the yard were January 23, 2000 (2 feeding under burning bush beside driveway), and January 8, 2006 (6+? with goldfinches, briefly, in the top of the spruce). 

Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha, Re-Covers

[acidfree:167 align=left]Caught the tail end of Black Magic Woman on KCRW and wanted to go back to the beginning. Fascinating selections on this disk. Worth a try. Postscript 20080111: "When the Levee Breaks" proves right up front the worth of this wished item. Genuine. Full of surprise. Highly engaging. Tnx SLM.