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Modem Speaker Second Life?

Advice from Matthew Ratcliff in ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 1 / MAY 1988 / PAGE 26, as reproduced at . 2400-BAUD SPEEDSTERS If you truly have "the need for speed" online, shop for a good 2400 baud modem. Prices are coming down to the $200 range. It was the only result for a Google search on "use a modem speaker," which was among several attempts to find out if it makes sense to scavenge the speaker from a 56k US Robotics modem.

You have the con

Thanks to the Nautical Dictionary at , I've found the meaning of "You have the con." I thought of Spock first (and, distantly, Mr. Caul, my role in Mike McIntosh's Star Trek take-off, which I've never seen as a whole). Sulu, the Doctor, Scotty, and others turn up in a search for the phrase.


Listening to Maine Public Radio on 90.1 while driving home, signal choppy till the driveway when another station took over. Turns out to have been Native American Calling, which on that frequency would seem to be KILI (kee-lee) radio in Porcupine, South Dakota. Station guide suggests that's not the right time for NAC broadcast, but Harlan was taking calls at an originating station in New Mexico and there's certainly nothing like that on MPR. Web search got me to the TVFM Skip Log! , where E skip was delivering decent DX to listeners and watchers, though not much reported on the southern Maine to South Dakota path (10 July @ 2330Z). Wish I had a 6-meter rig. UPDATE 20080814: A year later I was able to pick up a TenTec 1208 transverter for a decent price and it works well with my K1. For the past month I've been listening to 50 MHz almost daily and timed it right for a few openings. Three and a half decades hamming and I finally have some 6-meter QSOs in the log!