Monday, November 17, 2008

Arrow II Satellite Antenna

The WA5VJB pair has been wonderful for a year, but taking a step to an Arrow II 146/437-10BP satellite antenna, sans duplexer, would enhance enjoyment and, quite likely, signals received via the birds.

EDIT: Ordered, arrived, and mostly assembled. New feedlines will be necessary.

Thanks, KT.

WB1AAT summarized Arrow versus Elk on the AMSAT-BB...

+ cheaper all around
+ can be easily set up for permanent use
+ easier to aim due to wider beam width. Log periodic are like this.
+ smaller and very fast setup/teardown
+ one connector for dual band.
- no handle for handheld use. You have to make one, but it's extremely easy to do. And no threads for tripod.
- inconvenient if using 2 rigs. Must buy a separate duplexer.

+ copies a few degrees (just a few) lower than the Elk at my QTH
+ convenient built in handle and built in threads for tripod
- narrower beam width - have to "aim" better.
- not easily set up for permanent use. No simple mount and you wouldn't want to leave that "in handle" duplexer outside
- Can easily use for 2 rigs. Just don't use the duplexer (if so equipped) and plug into the separate UHF and VHF

From the CSVHFS 2006 Antenna Gain Measurements, these from WA5VJB's iterations on the Arrow. The measurements are estimates. Gain is based on difference from a reference antenna.

436 MHzCallDesignGain (dB)
WA5VJBArrow Antenna w/8-32 nuts on elements~7.3
WA5VJBArrow Antenna w/plastic inserts on elements~7.3
WA5VJBArrow Antenna w/star washers on elements~7.1
WA5VJBArrow Antenna w/o Diplexer~7.0
WA5VJBArrow Antenna w/"torqued" elements~7.0
WA5VJBArrow Antenna w/Diplexer~4.6

Monday, November 03, 2008


I've claimed 198 QSOs for my most serious SS effort since 2001. As the lines in the log filled, my attention increasingly went to the checks. So many from the 50s through the 70s and almost none from the present decade. My soapbox for the event simply says I'd plot the curve.

I don't have a plotting program and can't bother right now with trying to figure out if OO Calc will let me draw a bell curve, but a couple of key statistics are these:

Number of Years Since First Licensed
mean ±SD = 40.38 ±12.58

Just a single check from the 21st century. That's about one-half of one percent.

On the other end of the spectrum, it was very nice to work W4KFC, licensed 75 years in 2008 and 5-time CW Sweepstakes winner.