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Good Pass

Copied these 15 calls (and 2 partials) on an AO-51 mid-continent pass starting about 0040Z and readable for about 12 minutes: N3TL, N5AFV, N5UXT, WB4?WQ, WQ1E, KD8ILL, WB5CKJ, W7JPI, W4TEJ, N5ZNL, KE5UBJ, VE7VW, VE3DRT, KC0TOH (not hearing), W5KUB, ??9L, and KB8OE. I didn't transmit till it was nearly too late, then called Leo after his question to Allen, "Are you still in the footprint?", went unanswered. I was shocked to sound so solid into the bird and easily completed a QSO on a nearly empty frequency. When we finished I heard Ron in BC rapidly turning to fuzz, did a quick click on the mic that seemed to have no effect, then grabbed the clipboard and ran inside to escape the mosquitoes.

Joss Whedon fix via the 'net