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FN53 Activation, September 2020

FN53: Bailey Island, September 1, 2020 I was almost to Giant's Staircase, my ultimate destination, but knew I would be too late to catch the morning Atlantic pass of AO-91. I had all but promised the grid to a Northern Ireland op, but the 2-lane, twisting, hilly peninsular road down Bailey Island had few safe places to stop with a clear view and a low horizon. When I found a wide spot next to a long driveway with an open field across the road, I pulled over, unloaded gear, worked him and two more, packed up, and carried on in the span of about 7 minutes. Not long after, I reached the small parking area for Giant's Staircase and cut through the shrubs to reach a rocky promontory where I settled in to wait for the next AO-91 pass. That one gave me 17 QSOs and I soon had a few more on AO-92. I relocated for a better western view and put several 7s in the log, then kept going with SO-50 and PO-101. On the day, I made 48 FM satellite contacts.