Saturday, April 06, 2013

Name That Poet

His "How I became a poet" was the first catch. Whose definition, why someone writes? It's a wound that needs healing.

Let a poem be itself. Ya gotta be smart enough to ask what it wants to do. (What is this about instructive direction?) Poems don't care. They have a loving nature. "You never get it right on the first draft."

Size 14 shoes as a boy. Today he wears comfortably broken walking shoes. Then New Hampshire, now Maine. "Rains then quick thaws that so transform the world."

He read The Abandonment and I thought of Stafford reading I Had a Brother.

Giving form to the darkness. Who said "God damns every time he is asked"?


On Water.

And a pantoum.

Name that poet.

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scott.xot said...

He said Hope and affirmation are the wellsprings of poetry.