Saturday, March 03, 2007

WBR update

The WBR Receiver is now pulling in 60m SSB from W3, W4, G1, and elsewhere. Removed a single winding from each side of L1 and a tagalong cap (10 picofarad?) in parallel at C8. Maximum signal was achieved by grounding the antenna center conductor at its entry to the board. (But the signal pot still has little or no influence, so something else may be amiss.)

Great to have the "new" ham band in the ears for the first time since privileges were granted.

Nice foundation for a 60m band plan. It will be a help while I try to sort out frequencies and tuning range.

Edits 2007-03-06

At the top of my tuning range are NPR broadcasts carried on 5446.5 by American Forces Radio. AFR is just below some cross-Atlantic meteorological observations in a female voice.

Another useful resource via HFLINK.

Alerted by LA3ZA to 7N3WVM regen, which Sverre merged (PDF) with N1BYT's. Makoto suggests a ferrite bar antenna.

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