Saturday, November 19, 2005

Liz Carroll and John Doyle set lists

A warm, relaxed, highly satisfactory evening at the Center for Cultural Exchange in Portland, Maine, with Liz Carroll (fiddle) and John Doyle (guitar and vocals). It would seem we benefited by being the last date on their tour, and of 2005 -- they were loose and congenial, though perhaps that is normal for them.

Thankful to be there, right up front, absorbing. The following is likely riddled with errors, but is based on notes taken during the performance. Corrections appreciated.

  1. Fremont Center
  2. The "Vornado"
  3. Minutemen
  4. Dennehy Dancers
  5. McSweeney's Side
  6. A Pound of Rye
  7. Ronan Boys
  8. Ralph's 2-3-5
  9. Hanley's House of Happiness
  10. The Apprentice Boy
  11. 2 unidentified reels
  12. Kieran's Polka
  13. County Cahill
  14. [magical hare]
  15. unidentified John Doyle jig, jig, reel
  16. Jack Dolan (Wild Colonial Boy)
  17. Old Bush
  18. Expect the Unexpected
  19. The Island of Woods
  20. Bitter the Parting
  21. unidentified 2 with Ellen Gawler
  22. The Tractor Driver
  23. A Tune for the Girls
  24. I Know My Love
  25. 3 unidentified reels
  26. Wild Mountain Thyme
  27. Old Maid of Galway / Lizzy in the Lowground

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