Saturday, August 06, 2005

Why TrackSat caused me to begin a blog

TrackSat/CE is satellite tracking software I intend to use on a Dell Axim X30 running Windows Mobile 2003. It's a ZL3AD program I saw listed at AMSAT. I downloaded version 2.20. At the download, the author linked to a required Microsoft file: evb.mspx (?). That link was broken, but I was directed to, which I downloaded. I hope this works in place of eVB dot whatever.

The "future" does not seem bright for eVB if this Microsoft chat was on track.

Native Code Application Development for Windows Embedded Platforms.
Posted March 4, 2003
Chat Date: February 5, 2003
From Host Zoran Galovic, Embedded MVP
Q: Have any decision been made concerning the future of eVB, of any? [sic X 2]
A: eVB is going to disappear. Everything is moving towards VB .NET and eVC is an interim solution.

I'll install the two files in a couple of days.

N7WSB gave TrackSat a decent review for an earlier release at

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It's that quote that caused me to start a blog. Blogger can be a convenient place to collect clips and questions.

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