Friday, October 21, 2011

José Feliciano, Souled

From the Second Chance Shoppe, October 2011

Overall too ornate in the vocal styling, which doesn't equate to emotion in the storytelling.

Side 1 is barely tolerable, with the possible exception of "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight."

Side 2 has "Hitchcock Railway" grooviness and "Hi-Heel Sneakers" sultriness, helping lift the album... but not enough to keep it from going back where it came from.

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Anonymous said...

Souled was a great easy list. album in late 60s by Jose, not at level of "Feliciano!" and "10to23" but equally shown his superior class, great his he heel sneakers, hey Baby, Hitchock railway and My world is empty without You [posted by: Marc]