Monday, December 31, 2007

Mission Not Accomplished

The unspoken resolution for 2007: Complete the varied radio projects without taking on new ones. Here's the list from a year ago...

  1. Fix K1 tuning - Done. Had miswired pot.

  2. Repair WBR Receiver - Done. Room for improvement.

  3. Modify HTX-100 as IF - Mostly done. Unfortunate shift in project focus.

  4. Complete ARDF receiver. Not done. Stealing parts.

  5. Build NEScaf. Done. Not fully tested.

  6. Complete SoftRock receiver - Done. Fun.

  7. Put 80m Warbler on the air - Not done. Put it in a good case, though.

  8. Reuse K1 CPU and LCD. Not done. Begun in earnest on December 31.

  9. Finish solar charge controller. Not done. say nothing of antennas.

Didn't stay true to no new projects... The Maine Bug was my chief interloper. But it was quick and rewarding.

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