Friday, May 18, 2007

Mourning Warbler

Morning walk in gray damp conditions around 8. Some activity but nothing like yesterday. Had only WTSP on the list. An especially sharp chip snapped my attention to the sidetrail, where 20 feet out and below eye level, nearly in the clear and facing me, was a handsome male. Stunned, I spoke inwardly, gently, I know not what, and a moment later it exited, stage left.

Another quarter hour populated the list with 20 more species, among them 1 Canada and 2 Wilson's warblers, but despite following every reminiscent call note I didn't see the Oporornis again.

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Anonymous said...

Posted to maine-birds: "This morning (0815 and 0945), found a singing Mourning Warbler along the Barrier Beach Trail at the Wells Reserve where it drops down the slope toward the marsh."

Heard the song, recognized it (another first), got within 10 feet, and struggled to see the bird to confirm my conclusion. Crouched in the trail and finally found a sightline through the thick barberry bramble, enough to see the hood, the eye, a little yellow, and the act of singing.

How many years wishing, then two in a month? [posted by: scott]